The Hunt! Now Open! Limited Time ONLY!


We plan to open a total of 3 Escape Rooms in Boston over the coming months, so do check back for updates!

The first room open is The Bank Job, a bank heist mission where your goal is to steal as many valuables and as much money as you can in just 1 hour! Our second room is the Engima Academy, where you attempt to pass as many wizarding exams as you can in just 60 minutes!

Take a look below to find out more about the Escape Rooms we offer in Boston, and click the link to book your experience today!

The Hunt! An Easter Mini Game

Time: 45 minutes
Players: 2-4

Suitable for: All ages, very family-friendly. The Hunt has more sensory and physical puzzles than logical ones so is suitable for smaller children. 

The Story

An Easter themed Mini Game! Mark the Easter Chick has stolen all of the Easter Eggs and treats. It was part of his master plan to ruin Easter and prove that Halloween is the best holiday for chocolate! However he is having a little crisis of conscience and has decided to allow Sally the Easter Bunny a chance to get them back! Sally has searched the forest high and low but has only found 100 eggs. There’s some left still to find and Mark has protected some with puzzles and riddles. This is just too tricky for Sally and there’s really not much time left! Can you help? Can you save Easter and find all of the eggs and give them to Sally the Easter Bunny within an hour and Escape before Mark changes his mind?


This room is a traditional escape room! You must solve the puzzles in order, find all of the Easter eggs and leave to give them back to the Easter Bunny as quickly as possible. This game is linear, which means you will need to solve the puzzles in order, but don’t worry that order is logical. 

The HUnt (1)

Enigma Academy - The Wizard's Trials

Time: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6
Suitable for: All ages, very family-friendly

The Story

You have recieved your Enigma Academy acceptance letter. You’ve visited Abnorm Alley for your robes and supplies. You’ve arrived at the Enigma Academy and now its time to take your Wizarding entrance exams. What level will you get as you tackle 6 tricky subjects from the wizarding world??


This room does not feature a traditional escape, instead you will need to pass as many classes as you can. You have 60 minutes to try and pass each of the 6 subjects, with each subject having a linear path to a final solution – it’s like 6 mini escape rooms in one! You may not be able to pass them all in one go, but you can always come back and try the others!


The Bank Job

Time: 60 minutes
Players: 2-6 (more available, contact us for details)
Suitable for: All ages, family-friendly with some harder puzzles for experienced players

The Story

Welcome to The Royal Bank of Boston, the most robbed bank in Lincolnshire! You and your friends have found out how easy it is to bypass security and raid the vaults of  this bank but you only have an hour to do so. You’ve heard through the grapevine that money is stored here and is only protected by riddles, puzzles and padlocks. How hard could it be? 


This room does not feature a traditional escape, instead you will spend the hour solving puzzles to unlock cash, jewels and antiques. You are aiming for a high score with the amount of loot you steal from the bank. You will be given the full hour to rob the bank and your score will be calculated at the end of the hour. There is roughly £500,000 to be found in the bank, and it offers great replayability to come back and beat your own score!


Need more info on our Escape Rooms before booking?

Check out our FAQs to find out more information on our rooms, or get in touch with us via our contact details below.

What is an Escape Room?

You may have heard of an Escape Room and thought “what is that?”. An Escape Room is essentially a level of a video game, but in live action. You will have to solve riddles, perform actions and complete puzzles to progress and complete the room. This is the first venue of its sort in Boston, and we are proud to bring the magic and enjoyment of Escape Rooms to a new audience in Lincolnshire.

The Bank Job is not a standard escape room, as there is no “Escape” to win the game. Instead, you must use your hour to steal as much as you can from the bank. You are guaranteed a full hour of entertainment and there is over £500,000 of loot to be stolen, how much can you steal?

The Enigma Academy is also not your typical escape room. In this game, you must use your wits and skills to solve puzzles in order to pass subjects in the wizarding exams. You have a guaranteed 60 minutes to solve 6 subjects, each of them following a path – it’s like 6 mini escape rooms in a single room!

Who can play our Escape Rooms?

You get 60 minutes to complete our rooms, and they are typically suitable from 2-6 players each. Our rooms are family friendly, but still pose a challenge to even the most sesasoned escapists. They are suitable for people of all ages, but younger children and toddlers may not find it as fun with the harder puzzles.

The Bank Job is perfectly-sized for even more people to take part. We are available for birthday parties and corporate bookings, with space for up to 20 people playing across 3 rooms at a time.


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