Welcome to CypherQuest Escape Rooms, Boston

Brand new to Boston, Lincolnshire, Boston’s very first Escape Room. Try our first room, The Bank Job today! A fun and exciting experience where you will rob a bank for as much loot as you can! OR opt for a visit to the top school for budding witches and wizards as you attempt to pass the exams at Enigma Academy.

What Rooms Do We Offer?

We currently offer two rooms, but we are constantly coming up with new ideas, and plan to eventually offer a choice of 4 different escape room experiences at our premises!



Welcome to The Royal Bank of Boston, the most robbed bank in Lincolnshire! You and your friends have found out how easy it is to bypass security and raid the vaults of  this bank but you only have an hour to do so!


EnigmaAcademyLogo (1)

You’ve arrived at the Enigma Academy and now its time to take your Wizarding entrance exams. What level will you get as you tackle 6 tricky subjects from the wizarding world??


The HUnt

The Easter Chick has Stolen all the Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny needs your help to find them! we have mashed a classic easter egg hunt with an escape room! suitable for ages 3-99! 


More Rooms
Coming Soon!

What is an Escape Room?

You may have heard of an Escape Room and thought “what is that?”. An Escape Room is essentially a level of a video game, but in live action. You will have to solve riddles, perform actions and complete puzzles to progress and complete the room. This is the first venue of its sort in Boston, and we are proud to bring the magic and enjoyment of Escape Rooms to a new audience in Lincolnshire.

The Bank Job is not a standard escape room, as there is no “Escape” to win the game. Instead, you must use your hour to steal as much as you can from the bank. You are guaranteed a full hour of entertainment and there is over £500,000 of loot to be stolen, how much can you steal?

The Enigma Academy is also not your typical escape room. In this game, you must use your wits and skills to solve puzzles in order to pass subjects in the wizarding exams. You have a guaranteed 60 minutes to solve 6 subjects, each of them following a path – it’s like 6 mini escape rooms in a single room!

Who can play our Escape Rooms?

You get 60 minutes to complete our rooms, and they are typically suitable from 2-6 players each. Our rooms are family friendly, but still pose a challenge to even the most sesasoned escapists. They are suitable for people of all ages, but younger children and toddlers may not find it as fun with the harder puzzles.

The Bank Job is perfectly-sized for even more people to take part. We are available for birthday parties and corporate bookings, with space for up to 16 people playing across 2 rooms at a time.

Ready to Play?


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CypherQuest Escape Rooms

16 Wide Bargate, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6SR (We are just above CEX)

 We are open for bookings only, so please be aware that if you turn up unannounced, there may be no staff on site.